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How to find the perfect dining room set for your home

The dining room is where family and friends come together, whether it is to share a delicious meal or have a drink to catch up, share stories and have a good time. It is a special place in your home without distractions such as the TV, all you do is enjoy the conversation. So, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are in the market to find the perfect dining set.How do you find the ideal dining room table and chairs for your space though? Do you look at the size and get something that fits or is there more to it than just that? … Well, we’ve got the answers for you right here in this post. Here are things to consider when shopping for a dining table set.


Consider your lifestyle, how will you be using the space? Will it be a high traffic area or an occasional entertaining space.If your dining room is an extension of your kitchen or lounge, chances are you will be using it quite often, whether it’s for entertaining, food prep, crafts or perhaps your children will be using it to do their homework on. You will want a dining table that’s a bit more casual in style with a durable surface that won’t damage easily.Looking at the overall style of your home can help with choosing your dining room style, but if you are looking into finding a new style to spruce up the space a bit more then check out our previous blog post on finding your dining room style.



It is very important to have dining room furniture that is comfortable and fit the scale of your room. You don’t want a table that takes up the entire space or one that is too small and looks lost. Make sure you measure your space before you purchase your new furniture. A simple guideline would be to follow the ⅔ rule, this means that your dining table should take up ⅔ of the length of the nearest wall. Also, keep in mind how many people you are planning on seating around the table at a time. Lastly, allow at least 1m between the table and wall so people can easily sit down and get up from the table.


The most common shape is rectangular as it works in most spaces, the reason being that most dining rooms are rectangular in shape and they work great in open-plan spaces. Other shapes include square, round and oval. However, when it comes to seating arrangements a rectangular table is the best option as it can easily seat at least 6 people, in some cases even more. Where other shapes, such as round and rectangular limit you in terms of seating and the bigger the table the further away you are from the person across from you which makes having a conversation with everyone around the table a bit more challenging.


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