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12 Months Credit 0% Interest

Buy Now. Pay W A Y Later.

Everyone can afford to own Mobelli. 


Get Your Furniture Now & Pay Over 12 Months.

Our newest payment method means you can get your furniture now and pay for it over 12 months with no interest.

Simply choose Float as the payment option after checkout and your monthly instalments will be paid using the available limit on your card.

Get Now. Pay W A Y Later.

Get your purchase today and use the available limit on your credit card to pay in interest-free, fee-free monthly instalments.

Zero Interest
Instant Approval

No Fees
No Penalities

No Applications
No Credit Checks

It’s your credit already, so there are absolutely no applications or credit checks.

The cherry on top? You continue to earn your reward points.

It’s as quick and easy as a regular credit card purchase. No sign-up required – just shopping joy on your terms.

It’s Easy To Use:


Select Float at checkout. Ensure your cart is R4,000 or more


Choose the number of instalments – you can choose up to 12


Place your order and enjoy your furniture now

What You Need To Know!

  • At the time of purchase, Float temporarily “reserves” the full amount on your credit card, but only charges you the first interest-free instalment.

  • The remaining instalments are charged on the same day each month.

  • After each instalment is paid, a new and smaller temporary “reserve” is placed for the outstanding balance. This is done until your purchase is completely repaid.

  • You can use the float payment option when purchasing R4,000 or more.

What Is A Reserve?

A “reserve” is a temporary hold against the credit you have available to spend on your credit card. It is not a charge and is completely interest free. The “reserve” amount is blocked from your available spend until it is released.

Here Is An Example:

Say you bought a product for R12,000 in 12 instalments:

  • Today you will be charged R1,000 and R11,000 will be reserved on your credit card.

  • A month later you will be charged R1,000 and the reserve will be reduced.

  • A month later you will be charged another R1,000 and the reserve will be reduced further.

  • By month 12, a final payment of R1,000 will be deducted and you will have no reserve held in your account.

  • For more information and FAQ’s please visit

“Paying for furniture over 12 months at the same price you would have paid for it today with no interest, no fees and no penalties is the smartest thing you can do. ”