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Project Highlights

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Mobelli has had the privilege of collaborating on some truly remarkable projects, spanning both local and across Africa. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about a few of our favourites, showcasing not just the furniture, but our dedication to customer satisfaction, lasting relationships, and the durability of our pieces…

A Global Reach with Cape Town Fish Market


Our journey with Cape Town Fish Market (CTFM) began in 2014 when we had the pleasure of furnishing their outdoor seating areas with our meticulously crafted outdoor furniture. Over time, our pieces journeyed to the breathtaking shores of Zanzibar. Visitors, both tourists and locals alike, now indulge in delicious food against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean, all while seated on Mobelli furniture.


Setting the Scene at Zest Restaurant



Zest Restaurant had a unique vision for their indoor dining area, seeking dining chairs in specific colours that we did not stock. Always up for a challenge, we took on the task of reupholstering the chairs to align with their aesthetic preferences. The outcome? A truly spectacular dining space that blends style and durability seamlessly.


A Decade of Comfort at Dock House Boutique Hotel



Dock House Boutique Hotel holds a special place in our hearts, as our furniture has graced their spaces for over 13 years. Those vintage wicker chairs? Yes, they’re ours, standing the test of time and providing timeless comfort to guests year after year.


 A Legacy of Luxury at Mjejane River Lodge with Moss and Co. Design Studios



Our collaboration with Moss and Co. Design Studios for Mjejane River Lodge was a match made in design heaven. Together, we created the ultimate relaxation zone with breathtaking views, blending their impeccable design sensibilities with our durable and comfortable luxury lodge furniture.


A Fresh Perspective with Studio Do Cabo



This project came at the perfect moment, shortly after the launch of our indoor furniture collection. Studio Do Cabo curated this living space showcasing some of our most comfortable indoor pieces, serving as a reminder that Mobelli is not solely dedicated to outdoor furniture; we also offer an array of cosy and inviting indoor options.

Reflecting on these projects, we realize that they encompass more than just furniture – they represent the wonderful people we have had the pleasure of working with and the lasting memories we have contributed to. Here’s to many more exciting adventures in the world of furniture, each one crafted with passion and dedication.