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We can dispatch your furniture

Under level 4 lockdown regulation we are allowed to dispatch furniture to our customers.


In order to comply with the government mandated regulations this is what you need to know.

We can only deliver items which are going to be used in your home office.

We all work from home differently as a google search will show.

It is impossible for Mobelli to determine if the items you have purchased are suitable for your ideal home office.

Some work from home on their kitchen counter, a dining table, a sofa or a coffee table.

Others work on the floor or in designated offices within their home.

Some people even moved their entire operation into their home and have a boardroom table set up in their lounge.

I work on a bar top table because sitting down for long periods hurts my back. In fact, it is far better for my posture and more productive for me to work standing up.

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What I am saying is that it is up to you to tell us if the items you purchase are for your home office use.

Which items can be purchased?

There is no government regulation that determines what items belongs in a home office or not.

As I type this, I am standing on a tiled floor. My feet are sore after 8 hours of standing. If I feel that I need a soft rug underneath to make it easier for me to work, it is my belief that this forms part of a home office equipment.

It is 100% up to you to know which furniture or décor items are essential for you to have your ideal home office.

in essence, you decide which items are desirable in your home office.

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When can I get my delivery?

We believe that the government-imposed regulations on social distancing, sanitation and hygiene are important is slowing down the spread of Covid19.

We want to protect our staff from unnecessary exposure to the virus. As such, we will limit their arrival at work for 1 or 2 days a week. Consequently, we will deliver on one day only – at the time of writing this is a Wednesday.

Needless to say, dispatch for pick-ups will also only take place on that day.

When requesting an item to be dispatched we ask that you confirm in writing that the items are indeed for your home office use. That way everyone can protect themselves and stay within the regulations.

Consequently, visit our site by clicking here. Choose items that will make your home office fabulous, and you, productive.