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Watch: Our plan to tackle the virus in retail environment

What if I told you that now could be the best time to evaluate bigger purchases, like furniture?



If you are like most of our clients you find you have more time on your hands now.

You are probably spending more time at home, thinking how to best live your life, Passing time together with family, laughing and enjoying the closeness.

Sometimes, you catch yourself alone in your thoughts, trying to figure this thing out.

Unless this post goes out of date before you read it and a government mandated shutdown is imposed, you can still visit our shops in safety.

The good thing is that our shops are probably the cleanest they have ever been and are some of the safest places to visit.

They are not crowded and our staff can give you a private tour of the facilities providing you with all the information you will ever need.

In fact, give us some of your time and we will make you an expert furniture buyer. You will never make a mistake again.

To make sure you are comfortable in our visit, watch what we are doing to ensure that every interaction with Mobelli puts you at ease.


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