All of Mobelli’s furniture is hand made to exceptionally high standards, using only the highest quality materials. Your satisfaction with our products and length of usage is therefore determined by how you care for and treat your furniture.

Mobelli offers different length guarantees depending on your type of use for the product. We make a distinction between commercial and residential use.

Mobelli outdoor furniture provides a 5 year guarantee against rust on all Aluminium parts. We guarantee that our wicker will not chip, fade or crack for a period of 2 years on residential use and 1 year for commercial use.

Some furniture in the Mobelli collection is made with 304 Stainless Steel. Please note that in certain areas stainless steel will collect grime on its surface, which may resemble rust. This is easily removable with a 3M scotch-brite scourer and water. This is normal and does not invalidate any guarantees.

We guarantee that the furniture will be free of any manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years for residential use and 1 year for commercial use. Please note that visible signs of staples is a normal part of the weaving process and does not fall into the manufacturing defects category.

Cushions made by Mobelli carry various guarantees, depending on the manufacturer. Sunbrella and Tempotest fabric carry a 5 year guarantee against fading and tearing as long as the cushion is maintained in accordance with the instructions. Cedarbrook fabrics are guaranteed for a period of 3 years against fading and tearing. The stitching of the cushions are guaranteed for the same period as the fabric. The foam with paid for cushions is destined for residential use. We use higher density foam for commercial applications which should extend the life span of the cushion. Additional charges for higher density foam for commercial purposes apply. Take care not to wash the cushion fabric in warm water as the fabric will shrink. Shrunk fabric is not covered in the guarantee. Aggressive detergents will remove the Teflon coating on the fabrics – please use mild soap solution only. The free cushions supplied with some of our furniture carry no guarantee.

What is not covered by the Guarantee:

  • Damage caused by wind
  • Damage caused by misuse
  • Damage caused by negligence
  • Damaged caused by wear and tear
  • Damage caused in an environment with harsh conditions

Please note:

Outdoor furniture does not mean indestructible furniture. Certain elements of nature may damage your furniture and invalidate your guarantee. Please protect your furniture specifically from the effects of wind. If you live in a windy area, know when the wind comes up and take precautions to ensure that the furniture does not get damaged. Please note that every product has a limited life span. The Southern African sun, in particular, is incredibly harsh and leads to faster deterioration of outdoor furniture than, say, in Europe. Treat your furniture kindly and your investment will last longer.

Special note regarding glass:

Wicker placed directly under glass experiences accelerated aging. Care should be taken to ensure that the glass is covered when not in use, should you wish to prolong the life of your furniture. Furthermore, certain locations which have wrap around glass seem to redirect and reflect harmful UV rays onto the furniture thereby accelerating the aging process of the furniture and limiting their life span. When not in use, furniture covers should be used to protect your furniture.

Special note regarding coastal regions and harsh conditions:

Clients who use the furniture in areas close to the sea have a responsibility to maintain and wash the furniture at regular intervals. Sea salt has a destructive and corrosive effect on anything and everything it touches and as such it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the Mobelli furniture are hosed down regularly. Any moving parts such as the wheels of sun loungers or umbrellas need to be treated regularly with lubricants such as WD40. Mobelli’s guarantee will be invalidated if maintenance is not carried out regularly for items used in an environment with harsh conditions.

Procedure in case a fault is reported:

The guarantee is only valid for the original purchaser. When making a claim please ensure you have your original Invoice. Our guarantee is a carry in guarantee and will be covered in the area from which goods were dispatched. In other words, you may be required to bring in faulty goods to our Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban dispatches. We realise that this may be difficult for some and therefore we suggest that you first send us images of the faults via email. If the furniture needs to be brought in for repairs, a delivery charge will be levied regardless if the furniture is still in the guarantee period.  Repairs will be undertaken if possible or the item replaced. If the items are replaced, please note that we cannot guarantee that the colour or style which you had purchased previously will be in stock.

Mobelli reserves the right to determine if the furniture was damaged due to negligence or other actions which may invalidate the guarantee.

Mobelli’s decisions will be final and binding.

The above guarantee is for products bought from Sep 2009 onward.