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These days are challenging enough

Why compromise on your style and comfort when you can do things differently? Working from your home office should be done in style.

Definition: Home office – a place of business within a persons’ home (Merriam-Webster)

At Mobelli we believe that your home office needn’t look like a boring office space. It can be an extension of YOUR personality. At home, the office should be done in a way that suits your environment.

Using dining tables as work desks

The dining table offers the best bet as a transitional work area during the Covid19 crisis and beyond. In fact, a dining table makes for the best desk.


The table looks good from all areas and doesn’t have to face a wall


The dining table desk is multi purpose and can be used for dining and as a meeting place for the family.

Dining tables are larger than traditional space which means that it is easy to work on. Keep all your files, documents and essentials items within reach

A home office desk does not need to look like an office desk. Most of us just use a laptop to do our work from home

Work from home is temporary for most. Spending money on an item which can be used for other purposes later on is just common sense.

Some homes are too small and don’t have space to cater for a traditional office in a home. After all, when you live in your office you need to maximise your space.

Who says filing cabinets are the end all and be all for storage solutions?

You don’t want exposed office files and folders in your mixed use areas – use
credenzas to neatly tuck away your work and access it when done.

Work from home chairs need to be comfortable too.

Traditional office chairs are suitable for traditional offices. When working from home
choose a chair you can use at the dinner table when work is done.

To work at your best you need to be inspired

Magnificent offices lead to gravitas and respect, on the part of the visitor as well as the
occupier. Make your dream home office come true with our range of rugs, décor and art.

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