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The world’s 2nd best shade umbrella

Whether you call it a sun umbrella or shade parasol, the device that protects us from the sun’s harmful rays is a critical element in the outdoor area.

We are blessed with plentiful sun in South Africa. The many hours of blissful sunshine makes poolside and outdoor living a desired pastime.

But the sun in the Southern Hemisphere, and especially over South Africa, is harsh.

As premium retailers of outdoor furniture we can see how the suns UV rays age everything that is left in our sun quickly and mercilessly.

Enter the Mobelli collection of Shade Umbrellas.

The main aim of a shade umbrella is to protect us humans from prolonged exposure to harmful UV whilst enjoying time outside.

All of Mobelli’s umbrellas have a common thread – they must be easy to operate, be effective and long lasting.

Take a look at this 1 minute video, it shows everything you need to know about using the Barca Queen umbrella.

The key points are:

1. The umbrella must be easy to open and close – by anyone. An umbrella that is left open will eventually get damaged by gusts of wind.

2. The parasol must be maneuverable for shade protection. The Barca queen umbrella can tilt 360° by simply pressing the foot pedal and rotating it.

3. For the ultimate shade control make sure that the umbrella has a tilt functionality. Not only to control the low dazzling sun, but perhaps to shade yourself from prying eyes too  .

4. A cantilever umbrella means there is no centre pole. Having no centre pole means that you can actually have your furniture in the shade without the interference of the base and pole in the middle of your relaxing area.

5. The umbrella must fit the environment and look good when open – after all, it’s a massive canopy and should be a statement of style.

6. A parasol that gets left open in the sun will also get damaged by UV rays. Make sure that you can easily cover it when not in use with a protective cover.

7. Holiday homes and homes in windy areas have a higher purchase rate of shade umbrellas. This is because the owner may not be there to take care of it when condition worsen. The Barca Queen umbrella can be removed from the base and be carried into the home easily. Perfect for when you live your holiday home.


At Mobelli we limit the range of our shade umbrellas to only the best.

We told you that the Barca Queen is the 2nd best umbrella in the world. Are you ready to meet the best one?

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