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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sofa


Choosing the perfect sofa is a journey that blends style, comfort, and functionality to create a beautiful space that you can enjoy for years. At Mobelli, we believe that a sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a central element that shapes the look and feel of your home. Here’s the ultimate guide to help you make the best choice.

1. Start with Your Space


Whether you are buying a sofa for a large room or need a small space solution, measuring your space is crucial. This ensures you choose a sofa that is proportionate to your room. Measure the available space carefully and take this measurement with you to the store. Factor in that you need space to move around the furniture. A good salesperson will help you with your measurements and offer advice on which options will best suit your living space.

Pro Tip: Use masking tape to mark out the dimensions of the sofa on the floor to visualise how it will fit in your space.


2. Don’t Forget About Access and Delivery


Measure entryways to the room where you plan to put your sofa. Even if you have ample space for your large sofa in your living room, the last thing you want is a sofa stuck in a doorway or too big for it. Ask yourself: will the sofa fit through my door?


3. Find Your Type: How You Live in and Use Your Space


Consider how you use your space and what needs your new sofa will fulfil. Do you need a corner sofa for your TV room? Do you need a sofa that can accommodate several family members or guests visiting? Do you need a sofa that you can sleep on too?


4. Find Your Style


Once you have considered space available and use, the next step is exploring the range of sofa styles available. Modern furniture with classic appeal will seamlessly blend into your home’s design for many years. Mobelli’s offering includes styles from classic and multifunctional to deep-button and more.


5. Consider Frame Construction


Durable frames that are made to last are an important consideration when shopping for sofas. At Mobelli, we offer options with solid wood that are strong and durable, constructed by hand for longevity. We also offer options with steel frames which are highly robust. It often just comes down to personal preference.

6. Choose the Right Cushion Fillings


Understanding different cushion fillings is crucial for ensuring comfort:

  • Foam: Provides firm support and maintains its shape well, ideal for those preferring a structured seating experience.
  • Feather-Filled Cushions: Offer a luxurious, plush feel but require regular plumping to maintain their shape.
  • Fibre-Filled Cushions: Strike a balance between comfort and support, offering a softer feel than foam but more resilience than feather fillings.

7.Test for Comfort


A sofa should be comfortable enough for lounging, entertaining, and relaxing. Whenever possible, test the sofa in person. Sit in various positions to check cushion support, backrest angle, and overall feel. Pay close attention to how the cushions contour to your body and whether the backrest provides adequate support for your posture.

8. Care and Maintenance


When it comes to Mobelli’s range of sofas, we offer a fabric protection service that will make it easier to clean your sofa in the event of minor dirt or spills. However, we always recommend professional cleaning if you want to do a full-on sofa cleaning.

Enjoyed our sofa buying tips? You can check out our sofa range here or visit our showrooms to find your perfect fit – get directions here.