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Simple steps to keep your outdoor furniture in tip top condition

Outdoor furniture is meant to be enjoyed, not laboured over in a back-aching attempt to keep it clean. Mobelli takes pride in delivering stylish, durable, stress-free pieces that require minimal upkeep. Maintaining your outdoor furniture shouldn’t feel like a burdensome task. We’ve compiled a list of some simple solutions to keep your outdoor furniture spotless.

wicker outdoor furniture

Mobelli’s wicker patio furniture is made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It’s a highly resistant material that safeguards your furniture from nearly everything – including superglue and permanent ink. Regular maintenance only requires a light wash. Stubborn dirt and stains can be lifted by gently scrubbing with a mild soapy solution.

REMEMBER: Prolonged sun exposure will eventually take its toll on wicker furniture. For the best results, stay away from harsh cleaners like Handy Andy or anything containing ammonia.


aluminium outdoor furniture

Our furniture is moulded from powder-coated virgin aluminum – the best quality available. We’ve chosen this scratch-resistant material because of its durable finish. As long as you refrain from using abrasive porcelain or other scratchy materials, you’ll keep your aluminum tops smooth and clean.

REMINDER: Adding placemats to your tabletops can protect against scratches. When it’s time to clean, simply wipe away dirt with a soapy solution.


upholstered outdoor furniture

With proper care, outdoor fabrics such as vinyl and microfibre won’t stain from dirt or debris. Be sure to clean bird droppings and stains from food, coffee, or wine as soon as possible, to avoid discolouration. Simply use a mild soap mixture to wipe away mess and keep your furniture clean. Save time by using the Mobelli outdoor furniture cleaner to achieve quick, easy stain removal.

Acrylics are another low-maintenance upholstered option that’s unbelievably comfortable. This material is naturally mould and mildew resistant, so it’s virtually worry-free. Teflon coating allows water to roll right off of your acrylic furniture, and our underlayer of quick-drying foam is an added bonus. You’ll also benefit from minimal fading, since our acrylic fibres are solution-dyed, boasting the same rich colour from the inside out.

REMEMBER: Although acrylic is mould-resistant, you should still remove dirt and debris from it because the mould can develop on the dirt itself. Simply clean with a damp cloth and, occasionally, use the Mobelli outdoor fabric cleaner for a deep clean touch-up.

WARNING Due to the risk of staining, the cleaner should not be used on any other fabrics besides Mobelli outdoor acrylics.


Sling outdoor furniture

The open-faced mesh material used to make our sling furniture is made from vinyl coated polyester yarn. Many collections also feature top quality Batyline by Ferrari. All of those miniature openings can form a trap for dirt, but we’ve designed the Mobelli furniture cleaner to offer a simple 3-step solution! Just spray, brush, and rinse with water. To make it even easier, watch this video to see how it’s done.


teak topped outdoor furniture

The classic appeal of natural teak, adds a relaxing feel to your outdoor space. It’s important to remember that organic materials are prone to aging and other changes, over time. Greying from prolonged sun exposure and roughening because of evaporated oils is completely normal. You may also notice small cracks in the teak, which is also a part of the natural aging process.

To clean teak topped outdoor furniture, wet the wood, then use a very mild soapy solution with a bristled brush.

REMEMBER: Rub along the grain while cleaning. Be gentle, so you won’t scrub off softer grains.


cleaning furniture accessories

We’ve discussed some simple solutions to keep your outdoor furniture clean. Now, let’s cover a few tips on maintaining furniture accessories.

Cushions – Most Mobelli cushions are made from mould and mildew-resistant acrylic fabric. We add UV treatment and Teflon coating for extra layers of protection. Depending on the type of fabric, you’re guaranteed up to 3-5 years of fade resistance.

The safeguarding against water and spills make it easier to clean your outdoor cushions. Once a week, wipe them with a mild soapy solution. Tough stains can be lifted with the Mobelli outdoor fabric cleaner.

REMEMBER: Prolonged exposure to dirt can mask Teflon protection. By keeping your cushions clean, they’re more likely to benefit from its waterproofing effects. Also, remember to clean off dirt and other organic materials, this way you won’t develop mould or mildew on top of the fabric.


A NOTE ON furniture covers

Furniture covers are meant to extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Still, there are a few disadvantages to consider.

To clean outdoor furniture covers, treat them with the same care used on other Mobelli outdoor furniture.

REMEMBER: Always test for colour fastness before using any cleaning solution.



Keeping Mobelli outdoor umbrellas clean is super easy; just use the same techniques as applied to any of our other furniture. Keep umbrellas closed to avoid damage from strong winds. For best practice, place outdoor umbrellas in storage, whenever you’re alerted to high wind forecasts.

Mobelli offers three highly desired umbrella options: One Touch Umbrella, Barca Queen, and Centre Pole Umbrella styles. Let’s discuss a few quick maintenance tips for each design.

One Touch Umbrella – The easy operation of our One Touch Umbrella has created the world’s best cantilever parasol. Thoughtful engineering allows you to quickly open and close the umbrella; which is especially useful when the wind picks up.

Apply Q20 or some other water-repelling lubricant on the umbrella’s wheels to prevent rust or buildup on the screws. Use the same lubricant on its moving parts to reduce squeaking heard when opening and closing the umbrella.

Barca Queen – Occasionally lubricate all moving parts on the Barca Queen with Q20 or WD40 to prevent rust from forming on the metal. Don’t close the umbrella in a tilted position, or else it won’t open without straightening the tilting mechanism.

Centre Pole Umbrella – We put this model through rigorous testing, just to guarantee your satisfaction. After thousands of trials, we’re more than satisfied with the Centre Pole’s auto lift function. Should you experience any issues, please call us on 0861 MOBELLI.

Stainless steel poles may appear rusted; especially near coastal regions. Simply wipe clean with a wet foam Scotchbrite sponge to gently rub away that buildup.

REMEMBER: Always use the umbrella cover when it’s not in use. To avoid rips and tears, don’t place too much force on the metal rods while applying or during removal. (It may be easier to allow a tall person to perform this task.)

Pierced holes from the rods aren’t covered by our guarantee, so please take special care to avoid damages.