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How to make your space feel more intimate (And why it’s important)

Creating a space that feels intimate is an essential part of life, as human beings we need to feel connected with the space that we live in. You wouldn’t want to stay in a place where you feel disconnected.

To truly be happy in your home, you need to invest in making your home feel personal, familiar and encourage conversation and ignite emotional connections. Here are a few ways to do exactly that.

Define areas

Rugs are an effective way to define areas in an open plan space, they tend to make a cold uninviting space feel more comfortable and homely. Keep in mind that the size rug you choose will determine the size of the space. For instance, if you want to create a reading nook then a smaller rug will do the trick, but if you want to define your living room area then you will need a larger rug.



Add a Centerpiece

In open spaces it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the empty space, but when you add a centerpiece – such as a coffee table or ottoman – with decorative elements, your eyes gravitate toward it making the space feel more comfortable and visually appealing.


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Decor elements

Use decor to fill up empty corners. For instance, you can add scatters to your sofa to make it feel more inviting, add home decor such as vases, small statues and more to bring life to the space while filling the empty corners.


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Choose the right sofa

When choosing a sofa for your open plan living room, go for an L-shape. They tend to shape the living room and clearly define the area in combination with a rug. If you prefer a two or three-seater sofa rather than an L-shape, then simply add an occasional chair or two to complete the layout.


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Conversational Areas

Intimate living spaces focuses on personal connections, embrace this by encouraging conversation by incorporating occasional chairs into your layout. This works really well to fill empty corners or an empty spot behind an L-shaped sofa – simply float 2 occasional chairs with an occasional table to fill it up.


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Another easy way to separate areas while keeping an open and airy space is with Credenzas. Not only does this add style to the space, but it also adds extra storage. You can either place the credenza against an empty wall with original artwork or photos hanging above it or use it to separate the dining area from the living room.


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If space allows, add a dining room set to your open plan. It is a great way to encourage personal connections, set a rule to always eat at the dining table as a family rather than in front of the TV.


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It is important to remember that whatever you do, the main goal is to create a space that you feel good in, makes you feel comfortable and encourages personal connections. That is what it is all about, you can start small and build from there.

Tell us about your home, will you incorporate any of these tips into your space?