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How to buy the sofa that’s right for you

There are many reasons to decide to purchase a new sofa. You may have moved and your current furniture no longer works in your new home. Or you could just be weary of looking at the same old furniture. Whatever your motivation, we’re here to teach you how to buy a sofa that’s right for you.

After hours of browsing online, you may be overwhelmed with the many options available. Follow these steps to guarantee you make a wise decision.


1. Never compromise on what you want

This isn’t your average purchase, you’re making an investment for your home.  Your new sofa is something you’ll live with for many years and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. The right decision will continue delivering benefits for years to come.


2. choose your look

Take all the time you need. Think about the style of your home – or the style you wish to create. What type of furniture would complement that dream?

Are you searching for something contemporary? If so, how would that compare to the rest of your home? If you decide to blend styles, make sure the combinations flow.

For example  – a classic home isn’t limited to traditional styles. You can find modern designs with classic appeal.

Let Mobelli help you express your unique design goals. Our selection is as diverse as anything you can think of. That traditional home may also look marvelous if outfitted with Italian inspired furniture. Mobelli creates the luxurious appeal of high-end Italian designs at a fraction of the price. We specialise in providing furniture that never sacrifices looks or quality.


3. stay neutral

There are so many things you can do when you start with a clean slate.

You may be tempted by the spectrum of colourful sofas on the market but don’t get tricked by passing trends. Those bold colours may not be in style this time next year. Look beyond the hot pink couch in favour of something neutral. You can add colour with decorative pillows, rugs, or throws, which can always be changed to freshen the look of your room.


4. materials matter

Between your pets, children, or frequent guests, choose materials that are easy to clean.  Slipcovers are functional, but they aren’t very appealing.

Mobelli creates stylish, contemporary looks with flexible maintenance options.

Our innovative designs never sacrifice our furniture’s quality. Some of the Mobelli collections feature a unique system that delivers upholstered sofas completed with discreet removable covers. After a quick wash or dry clean, your investment saves you tons of time and money, since you’ll never have to hire professional cleaning services.

Laguna sofa with removeable covers.jpg


5. blend balance and scale

It’s a delicate combination but it preserves the function of your home. Consider the size of your space. Large spaces present the freedom to arrange large furniture like broad L-shaped sofas or sectionals.

Smaller homes, like apartments, shouldn’t squeeze bulky furniture into tight areas. You can create functional seating arrangements by pairing appropriately-sized sofas with armchairs or occasional chairs.


6. consider your schedule

Made-to-order furniture may take weeks to arrive. To make matters worse, you may not get a chance to see how it will look before it gets there. Sometimes you’re limited to using sample swatches and your imagination, and that doesn’t always create an accurate visual.

Mobelli’s stock selection of sofas is available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours. Often, your sofa can be delivered as soon as the next day!

Mobelli eliminates agonising waiting times and struggling attempts to imagine how your furniture will look when it arrives. Additionally, each delivery receives white glove service from beginning to end. Our team of experts will unpack and position your sofa exactly where you want it. We even clean up behind ourselves before we walk out of the door!

For more information on the Mobelli experience Book A Consultation with one of our experts today.