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Meet Falo

The best gas heater on the market that is designed to save you money!

Unashamedly premium. A masterpiece of Italian engineering. 

Pay Once, Save Forever!

The Falo is constructed with premium materials—stainless steel, aluminium, and steel treated for rust protection. Designed for longevity, not cost-cutting, it lets you concentrate on enhancing guest experiences without concerns about heater maintenance. Over time, a heater that endures and requires fewer replacements proves to be more economical.

Legendary Efficiency

Some heaters consume up to 9kg of gas daily. Given the current high LPG prices, this hidden expense can significantly inflate operating costs. The Falo, in contrast, is highly efficient, delivering 10kw of heat and outperforming competitors in gas conservation—resulting in cost savings for you.

Effortless Warmth

Ease of Use: Equipped with automatic lighting, an adjustable heat setting, wind and fall protection, as well as built-in wheels, the Falo offers versatility and convenience. Use it wherever and whenever you want, ensuring your space is both warm and inviting.  

Many operators didn’t realize a flame heater is available in the market that could end their struggles with high gas consumption and endless replacements. Euro Disney was the same, until they made the switch to the Falo. (Discover their story below)

Mobelli has been selling the falo heater for over a decade. Those who bought it still use it to this day. Big names like Sun International, Southern Sun and Radisson Hotels plus many other large and small hospitality operators love the Falo because it does the job it’s supposed to do time and again – radiating reliable heat to glowing reviews. 

We’re well aware that the Falo’s price tag can seem a bit steep upfront.
Those in the know understand that cheaper alternatives just don’t stack up — and they keep coming back for the Falo, season after season.
We’re mixing it up this year. 
We’ve offering an exclusive hospitality deal on the Falo — premium warmth at prices that make sense.
The stock at these special prices is limited. Let us know if you’re interested, with no obligation, so we can allocate stock fairly
Interested in joining the warmth wave? Just fill in the form below and be on the lookout for the confirmation email from us.
Get set for a toastier ambiance that won’t burn your budget.

What did Disney Paris do? Renowned for creating a magical experience, they know the enchantment extends beyond their attractions—guest comfort is paramount..

Initially, the park settled for budget heaters found in DIY stores, but these fell short of their hospitality standards. Discovering the original Falo heater changed everything. Disney Paris replaced over 200 units with customised Falo heaters in various colors, meeting their high standards for aesthetics and functionality. The Falo’s robust build and efficient operation have slashed costs, maintenance, and downtime. Disney Paris’s commitment to heaters that perform well and look great, season after season, underscores the exceptional value the Falo adds to their guest experience. Disney couldn’t afford to settle for less—and neither should you.

Still not convinced? Our marketing staff have asked us not to put the below list on one page. They think its too much information but we think you need to know –

Why Falo  

  1. Premium Materials – constructed with stainless steel, aluminium and rust treated steel that ensures longevity


  2. Burn protection – safety measures to prevent accidental burns priorotising guest safety


  3. Tilt and Fall protection – Advanced safety features shuts off the gas supply in case the heater falls, preventing potential tragedy


  4. Mobility – moving the heater easily and when needed allows for flexibility in operations


  5. Italian Design – What can we say – it is the original and it has a stylish edge


  6. Gas efficiency – Gas costs are the true expense in the business and  the Falo is the most efficient of the lot
  7. Radiant Glass technology – not only is the Falo and space heater, the unique glass radiates more gentle heat providing comfortable warmth


  8. Comfortable heat distribution – other heaters burn gas and provide way too much heat – we know – too much heat is  not a good thing. The falo radiates heat at pleasant temperatures


  9. Full assembled and ready to use – ready to use out of the box eliminating time to assemble required by other heaters


  10. Additional safety – since no assembly is required, no parts are left out and there is reduced risk of operational errors


  11. LPGSA Approved – Meeting the stringent safety and operational standards ensuring peace of mind


  12. Automatic ignition – No matches required. It lights up every single time


  13. Variable heat settings – customize your temperature for user comfort


  14. LPG Compatibility – Designed for 9Kg bottles which are available everywhere


  15. Serviceability – It is sold in South Africa by Mobelli which provides backup and support to ensure you are always up and running


  16. Commercial suitability – The heater, as opposed to others, is made to work in commercial settings for years to come


  17. Easy access – the 3 doors open easily to replace the gas bottle or service the heater easily


  18. Convenience – the gas bottle sits on a platform and moves with the heater. Built in wheels make it easy to move and a protection bar ensures that the gas bottle does not damage the doors while moving


  19. Unique shape – The Falo is protected by patents. It’s the only one that is shaped like a pyramid while the others are a square


  20. Wind protection – this feature prevents the flame for extinguishing in the wind


  21. Clean glass – the flame does not touch the glass, ensuring a clear look free of soot


  22. Made in Italy by artisans –  Made in the same town as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati by skilled artisans by hand 

Still reading? Well, our marketing staff may have been wrong about you after all. 
This offer will end soon. Fill in the form and we will get back to you with your allocation soon.