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8 style tips that you should know to master your small living room layout

It is often more difficult to style a small living room than it is a larger space as you need to work cleverly to make the space beautiful and functional. All too easily it can become overcrowded and anything but inviting. The aim is not just to make your furniture layout and style of your space work but, to make the entire space work as a whole while still leaving space to move around.

Read on for style tips and tricks to make the most out of your small living room.

Function over form

The key element to arranging your living room, is to understand, and have the layout reflect how the space will be used. For instance, while two sofas facing each other look great, if your primary activity while sitting on the sofa is to watch TV, then it’s not ideal.



Scale down furniture

Create the illusion of space by incorporating compact furniture that won’t take up too much visual and physical space. For instance, choose tables with thin legs or raised bases, instead of bulky pieces.



Choose the right sofa

When choosing a sofa for your small living space, look for compact sofas that will complement the space rather than taking up all the floor space while offering all the comfort you need.




Get that sofa away from the wall!

An easy way to open up your space and make it feel airier is to float a selection of furniture in the room, move the sofa a few cm away from the wall to keep everything from feeling cramped.


The power of nesting

The main goal of any small living space is to always use every area as efficiently as possible. We can’t say this enough, use nesting tables to your advantage. These nifty tables will help you save space, while giving you the option of moving the tables around where needed.




Allow for flow

Another important element in a small space is to create flow throughout. When arranging your furniture, consider the way you and your guests will move through the space.



The power of three

Grouping items into threes is a great way to make a living room feel a bit bigger by adding more pieces to a space without taking up additional floor space.



Use decor to add visual interest

While nailing your furniture arrangement is great, it may lack personality. The cure for this is to incorporate decor elements into the space; scatter cushions and home decor accessories will do the trick. However, keep your decor to a minimum and avoid overdressing as it can make the space feel cluttered.




There you have it, eight simple tips on how to style your small living space. All you need is a few strategically placed furniture pieces that are made for compact living and to use every area as effectively as possible. By taking all of these elements into consideration you will be on your way to creating a good flow throughout the space, not only traffic wise but in style too.

Now that you know the most important elements when it comes to styling and arranging your furniture, your next step is finding the perfect furniture for your small space.