One Touch Umbrella

The One Touch Umbrella is the leader in Cantilevered umbrellas. Since there is no centre pole, you can now leave your outdoor furniture directly below it without a pole getting in your way. Available in Elite or Deluxe options. This patented German design is the best in its class.

* Swivels 360 degrees that allows you to capture or escape the sun’s rays.
* Tilts in any direction to provide you with extra privacy and protect you from the later afternoon sun
* One touch open, one touch close – as easy as it sounds, push to open, push to close. Anyone can open and close the umbrella, including a petit person.
* Weighs 150 Kg – The OTU’s base is filled with special crushed rock made for Mobelli which makes the Parasol weigh up to 150 Kg’s. This is approximately 2 to 3 times more than the weight of traditional cement bases. The extra weight means that the OTU is sturdy and stable.
* Wheels – at the base of each OTU are 4 wheels. Use the supplied lever and crank the wheels out when you want to move the base.
* Wind – Causes the most damage to outdoor umbrellas. However, with a heavy base, wind vents, independent ribs and solid construction, damage by wind is limited.
It is always encouraged to close it immediately after use to protect and prolong the life of the product.
* Does not sweep down – The umbrella does not sweep down when it closes, allowing bottles, glasses, crockery and cutlery to remain on the surfaces which the umbrella is shading.
* Does not Rust – The construction of the Umbrella is from powder coated Aluminium and Stainless Steel screws. Both elements DO NOT RUST and handle the outdoors resiliently.
* Long Lasting – The OTU mechanisms have been tested to over 10,000 opening and closing. On a normal domestic operation which opens and closes the Umbrella 360 times a year, the mechanism has been tested to last for 27 years.
* No pockets – The fabric which covers the OTU’s frame has no pockets. It is screwed in tightly with a Stainless Steel screw eliminating tears and prolonging the life of the OTU.
The OTU is clearly the leader in outdoor umbrellas and is suitable for pool areas as well as contract applications. Please ask to see a demonstration.

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