Falo Evo

This Italian gas heater is an international award winning product. Both manual and remote controlled models are available. The Falo collection features a dancing flame within a glass tube, creating an effect that will mesmerize you.

Features and benefits:

1. The heater operates with LPG gas (up to 14kg bottle) or fixed line gas.
2. The flame is visible through a glass tube running the length of the heater
3. The metal grid around the frame does not heat up and so it is very safe if someone places their hands on it.
4. The output of the heater is 12Kw and has a variety of setting for different flame heights
5. The heater features electronic ignition. No matches necessary to start it up.
6. The heater disperses heat evenly along the glass and so it is never too hot near the heater and never too cold away from it.
7. The heater is rated to heat an area of around 25m2 (2.5 Meters in each direction away from the centre).
8. Height is 2.2m.

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