Caring for Your Mobelli Products

The guiding principle at the heart of the Mobelli philosophy is our promise to you that you never need to slave over the maintenance of our outdoor furniture. We truly believe our products should be fully enjoyed with minimal upkeep and thus have been carefully designed with that thought in mind.


Besides enjoying your new outdoor furniture, all that is required of you is to keep it clean. Maintaining Mobelli furniture is simple. Just hose it down with water. No detergents, no oils – just plain water to wash off the dust. Should you have any stubborn dirt that won’t come off, then use a mild soap with water (For example, dish-washing liquid).

Our garden furniture is perfect for outdoor living. Our all weather wicker furniture is made from High Density Polyethylene, a plastic that is not only environmentally friendly but best of all nothing will stick to it. Not even superglue will stay! Can we say perfect for outdoor living?

Upholstery fabrics and microfibre may stain if dirt is left on them for long periods of time. Do not allow bird droppings, coffee or wine to dry on the fabric, wipe it off as soon as possible! This will stain and dis-colour the paint of your car, let alone your furniture.

The Southern African sun is extremely harsh due to the high UV rays. These UV rays are responsible for degrading most objects left outside. In order to ensure that your furniture lasts for as long as possible, we suggest you keep it in shadier areas (where possible). We recommend cushions to be left on the furniture at all times as our cushions come UV protected and are Teflon coated. Besides, why bring cushions inside every day? After all, the Mobelli philosophy is hassle free outdoor living.



Most of our cushions are made from acrylic fabric which has been UV treated and Teflon coated.  Our acrylic cushions are perfect for outdoor living as they are resistant to mould and mildew. Their treatment of UV inhibitors guarantees against fading for 3 to 5 years, depending on the fabric. Their Teflon coating provides some resistance to water and other liquid penetration, ensuring effortless cleaning.

Please note that dirt which may accumulate on the fabric could cover the Teflon molecules. We have found that clean areas are less prone to water seepage. In addition,  while mould and mildew will never grow on the fabric, it may grow on the accumulated dirt. Therefore please ensure that the cushion fabric is kept clean.

In order to download our cleaning instructions you can click here , or go to our instruction manuals page.



During a prolonged duration of non-use, we recommend that you purchase furniture covers. These are inexpensive and will provide a longer life for your furniture. they can be cleaned in the same way you would wash our cushion covers. Mobelli makes custom designed covers for our customers. Please contact us for a quote.

Find out more, read our blog “How well are your furniture covers protecting your outdoor furniture?”


One Touch Umbrella Special Offer MobelliONE TOUCH AND BARCA QUEEN UMBRELLAS

Our One Touch Umbrella is by far the worlds’ best cantilever parasol. Special care should be taken to ensure that the umbrella is not subjected to high winds, as it is a fair weather umbrella. When not in use, please ensure you always close the umbrella and in cases of prolonged non-usage, please use the umbrella cover.

Q20 or any other water-repelling lubricant should be used on the wheels to ensure that rust is prevented from building up on the screws. If you find the One Touch Umbrella squeaks when opening and closing apply Q20 to the moving sections this will help resolve the problem. All moving parts on the Barca Queen Umbrella should also be sprayed with Q20 or WD40 to prevent rust from forming on the metal parts.

When placing or removing the cover on the parasol, be careful and do so gently. Harsh pulling and tugging can tear holes in the areas where the poles are located. These holes are not covered by our guarantee, so please take care when placing the covers.

The umbrella covers can be cleaned in the same way as our cushion covers.
Download care guide for the One Touch Umbrella here.